Monday, October 26, 2009

You Deserve a Break Today

I can't remember where this little slogan comes from, but it comes back to me in a now muted jingle that reminds me of childhood and the 80s. Somehow it evokes images of jelly shoes and leg warmers. Maybe it was a McDonalds commercial. In any case, I'm taking the advice.

Both of my babies are at home sick today. It had me really frustrated until I decided to act like both of my babies are at home sick today and to stop trying to do everything else. Mainly, realizing that doing the dishes, creating a website, sweeping leaves off of the deck, and scrubbing this random spot out of the family room carpet are all things that are unimportant. My hands are full enough with keeping the kids both kids drugged and trying to convince my one-year-old that he actually does have the flu and that him lying down would help us both out a lot more than throwing all of the dvds that were once under the television onto the floor.

I deserve a break today. No, I'm not saying that I'm going to take a break from parenting my sick kids and head to the spa (although it sounds tempting). I'm giving myself a break from trying to be everything to everyone. I'm telling Superwoman to go fly south and taking the "S" off of my chest and just being mommy to two sick kids. Excuse me while I get back to nose wiping...


Mrs. Smith said...

Wow you wrote this @ 7:36 this morning. Sounds like you had a rough night. I hope that most of today has gone much smoother for you & your babies. Take it easy & I hope that your little ones feel better soon. -Nikki

Aja said...

Thanks! The night was rough but the day got a little better as it went along. Now I'm just trying to attempt to stay well after all of the germs I know I've inherited over the last few hours.