Monday, March 17, 2008

Raisin Licorice Juice (11 weeks, 3 days)

So it took me about a week to get a little happy. A couple more days to get really happy and then another couple of hours to become absolutely obsessed. In those first few days I told myself that I would start a blog since this is an experience that I plan to never have again (although we see how well my plans turn out) and that I wanted to record everything.

Unfortunately weeks six through eleven of this pregnancy have been what I can only describe as pure hell. All of my effort these past few weeks has gone toward staying awake until 6pm and having the food I eat travel in the right direction through my digestive system, both of which have been pretty unsuccessful most of the time. So blogging has been pretty far down on my list, somewhere after trying not to have my mouth taste like rusty pennies all day and peeing every 37 minutes.

I don't know if its just that none of these things happened when I was pregnant with Kya, if its just been too long (8.5 years) to remember them happening, or if I was just so traumatized by the horror that I mentally blocked it all out- but this all feels new to me.

  • My theory is that the baby must need to take energy from my brain cells to build its own which is why I think I have totally and completely lost my mind. In the past few weeks I have: Cooked a frozen pizza with the cardboard still stuck on the bottom; put the fork/knife holder thing from the dishwasher in the refrigerator; poured shampoo into my loofah and washed my body with it; forgotten about a whole pan of cooked bbq chicken and left it in the oven for five days...I'm sure there have been more crazies but I don't have enough brain cells left to remember them all.

  • Food has become my worst enemy and my best friend. Foods/Drinks that I never thought I could hate turn my stomach at the thought of them. Water, soda, chocolate, any type of pastry, ice cream, chicken and many others fall into this category. I dry heave at the sight of Olive Garden commercials. When I am craving something though, it is a major emergency. I almost caused an accident the other day because I was driving home and had to make a bee-line at the mall to get an Auntie Anne's pretzel. The worst part is that I occasionally imagine fictional foods and fantasize about how good they would taste. Ice cream and pastries make me sick, but the sound of an ice cream filled apple danish gave me tingles the other day. I have also been overcome by an intense craving for Raisin-Licorice juice.

I know, there is no such thing. But shouldn't there be? What could quench my thirst and give me just the right balance of sweet and soothing like raisins and black licorice? Never mind the fact that it might be impossible to get juice from a raisin and I absolutely hate black licorice under any other circumstance- with all the inventions out there, it has to exist somewhere, right? Not even at Whole Foods?

Even without my juice, today was a good day. I felt so energetic this evening that I decided I would take a yoga class. I put on my yoga outfit, went to my mother's to pick up her yoga mat that she couldn't find, ended up looking through my mail at her house, decided I was too late for yoga so I would just go to the gym and walk on the treadmill, realized that i didn't have the headphones to my ipod in my purse so went home to find them, couldn't find them so ended up eating a porkchop with gravy and writing this blog. Putting on my yoga outfit has to count for something though right?

Until Next Time....

P.S. I love love love my husband. Imagine if you had to put up with this type of crazy every day!

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