Sunday, February 8, 2009

Logan's little mommy

I'm so tired tonight and if there is still anyone out there that ever looks at these posts I apologize that I can't begin to put together anything remotely interesting. If most of my words are spelled correctly then kudos to me. I swear four months of sleep deprivation makes mommy a dull girl.

Kya-pooh has been such a big helper these days in taking care of Logan. She wants to do everything, feed him, help give him his baths, get him dressed, hold him. I admit that she really is a help to me and sometimes its a little harder when she's not at home. She read me a page out of her diary the other day where she wrote about the "best day ever" which was the other night when she and I got to play board games, order food and watch movies.

I just had to take a minute to cherish these moments because I know that the days where she wants nothing more than to spend time with mommy are numbered. At almost nine-and-half, I probably have another year and a half to two years max where she would even think of reading something out of her diary to me and where board games with mommy on a Friday night will be the last thing on her mind. I'm sure she doesn't realize how badly I just want to take the moments when she puts her arms around me and calls me her best friend in a bottle that I can open in four years when she is thinking about how much she hates me ( note "thinking", that screaming "I hate you" bull-ish won't be happening around these parts)

I just can't believe she's so big. I look at Logan and it seems like she was just his size. I remember always hearing old people say "where does the time go?" and now- really- where does the time go? Does the fact that I can ask that mean I'm old people too now?


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Karissa said...

Hey, where you been? I love reading your entries, but you seem to have abandoned your blog. Boo. Come on back fellow October 08 mama.