Monday, April 28, 2008

True Confessions! Scandalous! (17 weeks, 3 days)

So What If I Told You This:

I can’t stand one of my cats. I have seriously contemplated giving her away and pretending like she ran out the door. The only reason why I haven’t is that I know my husband wouldn’t believe me.

I think politics are boring and only kind of care whether Barack wins. I didn’t vote in the primary and felt bad and pretended like I did one time when the topic came up and I didn’t want to look bad in front of White people.

I had no “conscious” reason to have natural hair or wear locks. Its just what I felt like doing at the time and it was easier to maintain so I kept doing it.

I’m afraid to find out the sex of the baby because if they tell me it’s a girl I might cry (not happy tears)

Although I know that “living in sin” is wrong, I think that the year my husband and I lived together before we got married was the best thing we ever did.

I don’t understand ninety percent of the poetry that I read.

I don’t like neo soul music. Because I have natural hair people always want to tell me when India Arie/Alicia Keys/ Jill Scott are coming out with a new album and I feel like I should care but I don’t. Now when that Li’l Wayne album drops in June, I will be at Best Buy! ( or the bootleg man, whichever one I get to first)

Aaaah, that felt good. Just felt like one of those true confessions kind of days. Until Next

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Anonymous said...

So...I feel the same way as you do about the natural hair thing(people come at me like 'fight the power say yes' quite often) I went natural by accident and now I noticed that my hair doesn't break off anymore so it's a keeper...Lollipop is my new fav song and I find myself humming it at work quite often. I actually did give away one of my former cats and lied to people (my kids and the vet that gave it to me) that it ran out the back door. I heart your blogs, so please keep them coming.